Misson Statement:

  AMPAC Misson Statement:

The mission of the United States of America Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is to stimulate an active interest in Muslim Americans relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Muslim American participation in the United States of America, to promote the ideas and principles of the Political Party, and to encourage and seek Muslim American candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to Muslim American voters. The AMPAC shall also work with the Muslim American Communities to bring their issues to the state and national political attention. We are the Muslim- American Communities living in United States of America.


Executive Committee and Key People:

MD Rabbi Alam, Chairman

Isa Hodge, Executive Director

Dr.Kevin Barrett, National Communications Director

Ruby Al-Sous, National Women Co-Chair,

Dr. Abdul Akram, National Political Director

Sam Hoss, Executive Member,

Dr. Sultan Ahamed, Executive Member,
Syed Asif, Executive Member,
Derron Black AKA Shahid Abdullah, Executive Member,
Sherbaz Khan, Executive Member,
Maqsood Chaudhary, National Delegate,
Ishaq Beg, National Delegate,
Anwar Kabir Khan, National Delegate,
Abu Zafor Mahmood, National Delegate,
Shere Alam, National Delegate,
Qazi Anarul Hoque, National Delegate
Sam Khan, National Delegate

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