Muslim Capitol Day


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Dear participants AssalamualikumThank peace and blessing to you and your family. Thank you for joining the effort of "Muslim Capitol Day" event in Washington D.C on Oct 14, 2016. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Feb, 9, 2016:

MD Alam of the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) announces plans to hold an annual Muslim gathering in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.

On every second Friday in October, beginning in 2016, Muslims will gather for Friday prayers in the United States capitol building. The event, known as “Muslim Capitol Day,” will celebrate the centuries-long history of Islam in America. Related events will be held in Washington, DC over the weekend.

MD Alam, founder of AMPAC and candidate for the United States Senate, explained: “On Columbus Day, October 12th, Americans reflect on their history and identity. Islam is a huge part of that history and identity. Muslims reached the New World before Columbus. Millions of Muslims were brought to America as slaves, others emigrated, and still others reverted. Islam has been a part of the American experience from the beginning. We will come to the Capitol in Washington DC every year to celebrate Islam in America and Muslims’ contribution to this great country; and we will organize to help make this an even better country in the future.”

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