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As a community we have reached 2016 with new hardships and challenges and just closed the year of 2015 with the Anti-Islamic Propaganda, Fabrication and Bigotry. Along with media double standards & war on Islam, unreasonably ignited a wide range of blame on us as individuals and as well as on our local communities and global community at-large. The newly propagated & mechanized fictitious "False-Flag-Operations" of ISIS or ISIL or DAESH was created in a western-bastardy process. The so called "Phony" ISIS / ISIL / DAESH operated in such way that made us suffering as a community of victims, which resulting us as the villains as well. As a committed balanced and contributed Muslim American it is our roles and responsibilities to stand against the "UN-ISLAMIC" ISIS. We must voice against the injustice & must stand united for the solidarity of our real core values and for the justice.

Let us be real, pragmatic & progressive in a way that our community must value our way of life, and must appreciate our commitment towards the community at-large. Brothers and sisters we are passing a critical time in American history that even great American Presidential candidate declared religious test on us and a complete shut down "Ban on Muslims Entering in to U.S.A.". This is a clear sign of discrimination and injustice, but the question is "What should we do?" The most appropriate answer is "Organize, Educate and Stand-up for our own rights". Trust me no one would come and tell you to do so it is us who must act now and there is no recess. Matter of fact is that, "We must do everything to STOP Trump being elected as next American President". We must stand against both ISIS & TRUMP because "ISIS is hurting Muslims Globally and TRUMP is hurting Muslim Americans Locally in U.S.A.".

Youtube: Donald Trump & Muslim American: Muslims Against both ISIS & Trump

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